Our Mission

Where God Makes the Difference. Where We Create Calm.

Mission: The mission of Memorial Private School is to offer a research-based education in a calm, spiritual, and safe environment.

Students, teachers, and administrators actively collaborate to achieve an optimum learning environment. We provide students with the tools to become active learners, deep thinkers, and acquire real-world skills through our innovative research-based approach. Students and graduates report Memorial Private School equips them to lead highly productive lives in an ever-changing and complex world.

Vision: Our vision is to create a calm learning environment, where every student can acquire the knowledge necessary to develop intellectual and spiritual maturity.

Values: Our students adopt a Growth Mindset and strive to be Responsible, Respectful, Honest, Kind, and Compassionate.

Low Stress. High Outcomes: Students develop greater confidence in their intelligence, establish a moral compass to guide their decisions, and create a roadmap for their future in our calm, low-stress learning environment. 

Accreditation: Cognia/SACS/AdvancED

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We offer chapel services to inspire deep thinking and to create a sense of calm. As a faith-based independent private school, we embrace students from all cultural and religious backgrounds. We practice our strengths, become aware of our gaps, learn how to work closely with others, and develop compassion for ourselves and others. We support and guide every student’s qualities, strengths, and the vision they hold for the future.


There are two very important parts of the learning experience. First, a responsible Christian worldview is incorporated throughout the day, and without divisiveness. Quite a feat nowadays! Second, fun and team activities were also part of the normal scholastic experience. It is not easy to find such a combination in education. — Joan, Parent


Pioneers in the Microschool and “Pod” Concept

Long before the recent re-emergence of smaller schools, Harry and Pamela Camp founded Camp Education Group (CEG) in 2002. They created the design and standards needed for an innovative private school model with a unique infrastructure, and founded Memorial Private School. This is built not only on research of best practices over the years, but also on new neurological practices that support the teaching and learning methods unique to our school.

After much research for many years, MPS (“Memorial Private”) opened the first small school in 2004 – assuming you are not counting the one-room schoolhouses of the past :). The MPS micro-school (also called small schools and pods) has proven to be an incredible solution for our childrens’ education, and has become more important with the onset of anxiety, COVID, virtual learning, and with our schools becoming too large or overcrowded.

The time has come for a truly improved, and yes, different way of going to school and learning – whether learning academics, social values or spiritual values. Growth requires change and MPS is that change.

The school has a wonderful sense of community where children with different skill sets help and support each other in the classroom. At MPS, you’re part of a family where everyone fits in and feels as if they belong no matter what circumstances brought them to this wonderful school. — Matt and Beth, MPS Parents

What Makes Us Different?

It is very important to know that Memorial Private creates a low stress, calm learning environment, where every student is nurtured. In order to do that effectively, one of the key differentiators of the school is to keep it small, thus the micro-school/pod based design. In the recent past (and present), schools have become way too large and your child becomes a number.

It is a challenge to teach one-to-one and also be in a self-paced, structured classroom. Memorial Private not only addresses this challenge but keeps raising the bar. In doing this, we can really learn about your child, and help him or her where needed.

What Are the Benefits?

Memorial Private School maintains an educational environment small enough to actually be able to reach every child. Thus, one benefit is not passing over anyone, which might seem subtle (and is subtle). This is because Memorial Private School uses proven, neuro-educational research-based practices in developing this foundation. This enables the teachers to team up to help every child, and not only that, we work alongside some of the very best universities and companies in the country to deliver a research-based education.  

In a small private independent school, you can’t hide, so students have the benefit of learning to converse with others, who may not be in their typical group; they learn the value of caring for others, beyond just being polite. They develop leadership abilities to not only identify what a leader really does, but to lead and inspire others. Day by day, our students receive a life and college education that helps them develop a growth mindset. This leads to the kind of intellectual and spiritual maturity we need in the world. We are so proud of our students and their commitment to become responsible, respectful, honest, kind, and compassionate.