Strength Through Diversity

Coming from a broad spectrum of learning styles, backgrounds and experiences, our students appreciate diversity! Students who typically thrive at Memorial Private School: 

  • want to reduce anxiety and stress
  • want more academic challenge
  • want extra help if they need to catch up
  • prefer small classes and a small school setting 
  • seek to build their character, self-esteem, and confidence 
  • want a small school environment that still has prom, trips, and sports
  • flourish with more nurturing and academic support from faculty and staff 
  • would like more opportunities to lead, to be included, and to learn how to include others
  • appreciate diversity and exposure to various cultural, religious, ethnic, and racial perspectives 

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Because of the innovation, research, and development of our innovative learning model, Memorial Private School provides an exceptional opportunity for students who want to uncover — in recent vernacular — their “superpower.”  This is a place for families who want to celebrate their child’s uniqueness, and at the same, interact with diverse students from different cultural, religious, ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

To ensure students feel safe, we create a calm learning environment where students and faculty are friendly, supportive, respectful and compassionate towards one another. We realize that in today’s society, students are experiencing heightened levels of anxiety and depression, and Memorial is a safe haven due to the low stress environment we create. For this reason, spirituality plays an important role at Memorial, where we go to chapel to center ourselves on our values and what matters most. 

We also truly respect our students and their visions for the future. Every child is different and we help them ease up on themselves, so they can truly find their areas of interest and genius. Our graduates matriculate to Harvard University, St. Edward’s University, Texas Tech, University of St. Thomas, Texas A&M, University of Texas, and many other top private and public colleges and universities. In addition and equally as important, students also make excellent choices to go to community colleges, trade schools, take a gap year, or do an internship or apprenticeship.

As part of our commitment to diversity and appreciation of various learning styles, Memorial Private School is helpful to a broad spectrum of students, from those with learning differences to the gifted and talented. We firmly believe there are many myths about learning differences and firmly believe that students with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, or those experiencing medical issues should have an equal opportunity to reach their full potential. At Memorial Private School, we believe school should be a haven to lower stress and anxiety, and this alone attracts a diverse student body. 

Chapel is an activity that I enjoy. I get to hear about stories of people helping each other and learn how I can be a better person. — Amy, Student