Student Activities Abound! 

View our photo gallery to see some of the fun and interesting student activities happening at Memorial Private School in Houston. During our academic year program, we offer clubs, activities, sports, trips, excursions, prom, dances, and a retreat.  

Student Activities Grow Garden Interests!

“A garden can build enthusiasm about eating fresh and perhaps locally grown fruits and vegetables. … Studies show that garden-based nutrition education improves students’ eating habits by increasing their knowledge of, preference for, and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.” – Rutgers

It also helps build connections, boosts mood and helps alleviate stress and anxiety. At Memorial Private School, we are committed to helping teens learn real-world skills, protecting the environment, and doing activities that promote a sense of health and well-being.

Graduation Celebrates Success!

We make it happen at Memorial Private School, a place where we support every student’s future vision and their successes along the way. When our students see their passion for learning increase, their grades improve, and they reach the pinnacle of graduation day, they celebrate their progress and many achievements. 

Beyond academic excellence and intellectual confidence, Memorial Private School offers many student extracurricular activities, clubs, community service, leadership roles, and sports for our private school students to stand out among other college applicants, To support our students, we offer life and college planning services to help all students map out their futures. Our graduates attend prestigious colleges and universities. Also, if a student elects not to go to college, we fully respect that choice at Memorial Private School. Graduates have many choices, including: trade schools, apprenticeships, technical training or coursework, taking a gap year, or even spending time living abroad. 

Wondering if grades really matter for private school students? Well, take a look at Harvard University, for example, where they only accept “the best of the best” for their freshman class. “The average high school GPA of a freshman class there is 4.0, which means they do take high school grades seriously. So, if you’re aiming for Harvard, any of the Ivy Leagues, or a school that usually takes exceptional students, then your high school grades do matter.” – For more info about why grades matter, check out the full articles at Through Education, our blog, and other resources.

Awesome Student Activities at Camp Tejas! 

Every fall, students at Memorial private school head out to a premier retreat center, where they enjoy spiritual, social, and physical activities. A great time to connect, work in teams, and build the compassionate community, only Memorial Private School knows how to create. No wonder we are filling a void and consider ourselves to be a special niche high school and middle school!

As you can see from some of the photos, our students really enjoy zip lining, swimming, and the ropes course, along with playing games, horseshoes, shuffleboard, moonlight hayrides and time around the bonfire in the evening.

For more information, check out our student life website page and check out the Camp Tejas retreat facilities here:

Dance the Night Away!

One of our most popular events of the year, the prom is held in the spring and we rotate various venues. From resorts and country clubs to event venues, students enjoy socializing, dancing, and live music. 

Many students enjoy preparing for the prom by taking our contemporary dance and fitness class, where they learn a number of modern moves from a real dance pro! The Student Council also is in charge of the many plans and preparations – a great way to learn time and project management skills. It is one of the many benefits of being a private school student in a small school setting.