Ignite Your Interests

Student life at Memorial Private School offers a number of ways for students to go beyond the classroom to benefit socially and physically. Enjoy a wide range of clubs, sports, and community service. In addition, there are special activities and trips that include: an annual retreat, theme days, museums, theater, dances, and much more.

Memorial Private School, as an innovator in microschools and a leader in research-based education, opens the world to students, allowing them a chance to explore new experiences, hone their talents, and ignite new interests.

“It’s a really friendly school where our son feels happy and thrive. Definitely a good environment for him and for other middle schoolers and high schoolers who may be better off in a smaller environment. They will both push for academics and social development.” – Parent, Facebook

Below is just a sampling of the kinds of activities that make student life at Memorial Private School a place where students can build meaningful friendships and expand their horizons. Also, check out our photo gallery or read more about our community service projects.

It is a peaceful environment and is less stressful than a big school. Amy, Student

Student Life – Annual Retreat

Every fall, as part of our student life programs, students venture beyond the boundaries of our campus for some time away in Giddings at Camp Tejas. Time to relax, unwind, or just hang out, students enjoy building close friendships and trying new activities. 

To get students moving, the camp offers zip lining, swimming, and a ropes course. For some healthy competition, students also enjoy playing games, horseshoes, and shuffleboards. A highlight of the retreat is time spent on the moonlight hayrides and around the bonfire in the evening.

Student Life – Clubs and Student Council

Every year is a bit different as we seek to find popular clubs for our students.

Recent offerings include: Game Club, Esports, Craft Club, Drawing Club, Gardening Club, Comic Book Club, Dance, Toastmasters, and Table Tennis.

In the student council, an important student life program to acquire real-world skills in management, students take the lead as they make decisions about dances, the prom, cultural and educational trips, and monthly social excursions.

I love how there are different clubs and a wonderful student council that meets every Wednesday. — Vivian, Student

Dances, Dinners, and Prom

Held at various nearby places, including country clubs, the prom is a special time for all students to connect with on-campus and off-campus friends. Some students even prepare for dances and prom by taking our popular dance and aerobics class.

Students, faculty and staff also enjoy a special annual dinner off-campus at a nice local restaurant. All of these activities allow students to practice good etiquette and build close connections.

Spirit Week

A talent show and theme days mark this special time of year. Students express their style and personality on the various dress theme days and showcase their musical, dance, comedic, and theatrical abilities in the talent show.

Switch Day

Real world learning is key to an education at Memorial Private School. On this special day, seniors switch roles with administrators, faculty and staff. This allows them an opportunity to learn real-world management and business skills. They are given a chance to run meetings, introduce policy ideas, learn about computer systems, and interact with the administration and staff.

Ready to Ignite Your Interests?

Student life at Memorial Private School offers students many ways to grow personally, socially, spiritually, and emotionally.  You will explore the world, ask deep questions, build real friendships, and pursue your life with a sense of meaning and purpose.

Memorial Private School offers an academic school year program, as well as summer school classes for middle and high school students.

Located conveniently in West Houston.

Interested in the Microschool Difference? Contact us to begin the journey.

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