Tutoring and SAT Prep

MPHS is an authorized school to take standardized tests, such as the PSAT. Students from other schools may also take their PSAT here at MPHS.

Going to tutoring can seem like a chore to some students. If so, your child can form a group with friends and get “two-tored” together for a discount at The MET. Two to four person study teams work well and the discount may help. We tutor daily until 10 PM during the school year.

Your child may benefit from individual or group tutoring to increase or accelerate depth of understanding of the material.

How do you start?

Just call anytime 281-759-2288 to schedule an hour of tutoring. Most people choose to come at the same time every week on the same day(s). We can usually accommodate your changing schedule with a day or two of notice.

We tutor all core subjects, including college level courses. We consistently work on improving study skills and organization. We work with your child’s teachers to assess your student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to help your student in areas most needed. This usually covers areas such as remedial work and homework. Additionally, we can focus on proactively teaching new areas that will be taught in the near future in your child’s classroom.

Finding excellent tutors and the right tutor-student match is one of the most important things we do for students. Please call today for scheduling and rates, which are very reasonable. We look forward to helping your student reach his or her full potential!

Help your students maintain their “A’s” or increase their GPA’s!

Do you know who calls the most for tutoring? “A” students!

Tutoring works! Through our evening tutoring division, Memorial Education & Tutoring – “The MET,” we offer private tutoring, and small group sessions to students that need help or would like to get a jumpstart on information they will be learning in class.

We are especially good at finding the best teachers and tutors in Houston!

Don’t hesitate. Your child can do his or her BEST!