Find Your Calm. Find Your Focus.

Memorial Private School is an accredited life and college prep private school for grades 6-12, located in West Houston.

By employing a low stress, high outcomes approach, teachers provide strong leadership and guidance so that a variety of learning styles can be respected and addressed. From the average to the gifted, Memorial Private School is an ideal fit for students in grades 6-12, seeking a calm college prep learning environment, where they take ownership of their education.

A life and learning experience, Memorial Private School is a leading innovator in establishing new educational standards and practices in research-based education. Going beyond project-based learning, our school works with top universities and companies to provide students with real-world lessons.

By providing a robust program with a balance between peer group learning, self-paced learning, individualized instruction, and discussion, students become more engaged in the learning process.

Memorial Private School is a cozy, unique gem of a private school tucked in West Houston. The teachers and staff have a passion for teaching and helping your child succeed in the next chapter of their lives: college and life. Marlena, Parent

Low Stress. High Outcomes.

In our work with universities and companies, students adopt a growth mindset as they work on research projects and acquire real-world skills.

Recent research projects include: Trout in the Classroom, Identity Development Study, Parent-Child Mentalization Study, and the BrainCo FocusCalm Neurofeedback Study.

Our innovative research-based approach has opened up a rare opportunity for our students to benefit from neurofeedback through the FocusCalm Neurofeedback Study. Incubated in the Harvard Innovation Lab, BrainCo develops cognitive training technologies.

At Memorial Private School, we use their FocusCalm phone app and headband to help students learn how to train their brains to move into a state of calm and sharper focus.

Beyond our various research studies, we have intentionally created a low-stress learning environment. From the caring faculty, friendly students, strong focus on compassion, it is no wonder students find a sense of place at Memorial Private School. Students can ease up on themselves, lower their stress, alleviate anxieties, and flourish. Small structured classes, individualized support, and peer group learning create a relaxed place for students to mature intellectually, socially, and spiritually in our microschool environment. 

10 Reasons Why Our Microschool Works: 

  1. Personalized Approach Tailored to Your Child 
  2. Small Classes to Stimulate Learning and Engagement 
  3. Technology Integration to Inspire Students to Stay Current 
  4. Research-Based Learning to Ignite Interests and New Skills
  5. Community Orientation to Get the Whole Family Involved 
  6. Philosophical Framework to Provide Structure and Purpose 
  7. Peer Mentorship to Inspire Students to Serve and Help Others 
  8. Broad Life Experiences to Develop Body, Mind, and Spirit
  9. Low Stress to Accelerate Learning and Personal Development 
  10. Strong Values to Help Teens Develop Good Character 


Explore and Experiment!

Unlike many independent college prep private schools, Memorial Private School offers both a life and college preparatory education for middle and high school to build confidence and social interaction skills. As pioneers in the creation of our microschool, we have built an infrastructure to facilitate and cultivate healthy social interaction in the classroom setting. 

We offer a full academic year program, as well as summer courses for college-bound students. While some students aspire to attend a college or university following high school, other students make different choices. While the priority for some students is to work on improving their grades, to gain membership into the National Honor Society, and even take Advanced Placement (AP) or Honors Courses, we understand this path is not for every student. 

For this reason, we emphasize a wider perspective, one that incorporates life preparation. Our students adopt a growth mindset as they learn to research, explore, experiment, and become lifelong learners. Students acquire the skills to lead, work in teams, communicate effectively, manage their time effectively, set goals, and  become independent and responsible individuals. Our traditional values help students strengthen their character, so they are equipped to navigate life with a sense of purpose and meaning.

Whether your child is planning to attend a college, a trade or vocational school, or take a gap year following high school, our compassionate and caring faculty and staff are here to support every student.

I have never had high grades like this before. My parents are so proud of me being an “A” student and I am proud of myself for working so hard. Vivian, Student