Pursue Your Purpose!

Community Service for Students

Community service plays a significant role in the lives of our students at Memorial Private School. Being of service provides both meaning and purpose to our lives. We reach out, show compassion for others, help the environment, pitch in on local projects, and so much more.

Being a microschool allows us to integrate service into our values, community service projects, and touch our local community in many ways. Internally, we also serve our school community through pod-based learning. Our students provide mentorship and support to one another, as well as our community – all greats ways to be of service. 

We Help Kids, the Elderly, and Support Our Troops!

H.O.P.E. (Helping Out People Everywhere) is our service organization at Memorial Private School. We do everything from helping kids with homework at The Branch to sending cards to the elderly and to support our troops. 

We Make an Environmental Difference!

Students work on a variety of environmental projects, including those aligned with National Public Lands Day and hurricane relief. We work hard to help do clean-ups and support families going through natural disasters.

We Reach Out Locally and Regionally!

We also volunteer at the Pumpkin Patch, work at the Christmas Store for the needy, help at the Women’s Shelter, Food Banks, and we support students working on Girl Scouts and Eagle Scout projects.

Benefits of Community Service for Students

There are so many benefits to community service. Interested in Finding Out More About Community Service? Contact Us!

Check out this list created by The United Way, where they cite specific benefits for teens, backed by years of data and research.

1. Increase Self-Esteem

Acts of philanthropy can lead to a greater feeling of self-worth because helping others is fun and can help a teen reflect on what they have and enhance their sense of purpose.

2. Gain More Empathy

Volunteering helps teens see that not everyone’s life is like theirs. Helping people who have different life circumstances can help teens become more empathetic to everyone in their lives.

3. Become a Stronger College Applicant

Having volunteer experience can be a great addition to a teen’s college application or resume. Colleges often look for well-rounded applicants and employers are more likely to hire people who are volunteers.

Volunteering helps and can be a key factor to securing a college scholarship. Many organizations offer scholarship funding to students who demonstrate community involvement and leadership skills. The scholarship awards are meant to appreciate and encourage students to give back to their community helping to make it a better place. The more hours you commit to volunteering, the higher your chances are of getting the award.

Tip: Make sure you keep track of your volunteering hours so that you can easily reference them when they are asked for on the scholarship application.

4. Build Long-Term Generosity

Getting involved in philanthropic causes early in life can set up a teen for a life of generosity. People who volunteer when they are young are more likely to volunteer and donate to nonprofits and causes when they are older.

5. Earn Better Grades

Volunteering can also help teens academically. There is a positive correlation between students who earn good grades and those who are involved in community service. Volunteering helps teens gain new skills necessary for the job market such as leadership, communication skills, dependability, time management, and decision making.

If you know of an organization in need of support, feel free to reach out to us. We are grateful for opportunities to support and serve our community.

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