Interesting news update: Among the numerous articles in the news lately about micro-schools and educational pods, the Wall Street Journal posted an article July 24th, that concluded:

“If ever there was a problem in need of a solution, coming up with ways for children to safely attend school in the time of Covid is it.” (WSJ)

MPHS takes that as a challenge. We believe MPHS is the answer to the problem. Not only is it the answer to the problem of needing small schools during a pandemic, Memorial Private is the answer to a lot of problems that our country is facing.

For fifteen years now, Memorial Private has been purposefully leading the way in micro-schools and learning pods. With a successful track record in uniquely structuring teenagers’ schooling, Memorial Private knows that a student’s environment is key. Memorial Private has carefully employed a niche model to keep the school just small enough to know all of our students. This allows us to teach each student individually and in small groups, like no other.

Since 2004, Memorial Private has been perfecting our method for success. We have utilized the best educational research and teaching practices in a small environment where it can actually work. Using full TEA guidelines, and accredited by Cognia/AdancED, Memorial Private also develops specialized curriculum aligning with our teaching methods. This makes learning more suitable to each student. Balancing unique ways of teaching is what Memorial Private is made for.

It is also important to the Memorial Private environment that we have many activities and clubs. As a result, we enjoy the resulting close community that only a small school can create. Not only that, a small school is not just a small school. Rather, it is a whole different and unique way of teaching, of using curriculum, logistics and of being in school.

Memorial Private creates a safe environment that is based on faith and a strong value system.

A well-known doctor and friend, Thomas Clarke, often said: “The only thing that changes is the wisdom of your values.” This concept has been a guiding factor in growing this school.

Welcome back, and welcome to our new families!

  • 6th – 12th Grades
  • Cognia/SACS/AdvancED Accredited
  • 4-year College Preparatory
  • 1-to-1 Instruction in structured classroom setting
  • Emphasis on weekly service and social activities
  • MPHS is a faith-based High School (6th-12th) serving Houston’s Memorial and surrounding areas since 2004.

Did you know that micro-schools and pods began right here at MPHS in 2002?

Long before the recent re-emergence of smaller schools, Harry and Pamela Camp founded Camp Education Group (CEG) in 2002. They created the design and standards needed for an innovative school model with a unique infrastructure, and founded it as Memorial Private High School (MPHS). This is built not only on research of best practices over the years, but also on new neurological practices that support the teaching and learning methods unique to MPHS.

College acceptances include: Southwestern, St. Edwards, Harvard, Alabama, A&M, SMU, Harding University, TCU, UH, Texas Tech, HBU, as well as Lone Star, HCC, trade schools, other community colleges, and many others.

Following is an overview of basic questions and answers to get you acquainted with this emerging school culture:

When was the development of this?

After much research for many years, MPHS (“Memorial Private”) opened the first small school in 2004 – assuming you are not counting the one-room schoolhouses of the past :). The MPHS micro-school (also called small schools and pods) has proven to be an incredible solution for our childrens’ education, and has become more important with the onset of anxiety, COVID, virtual learning, and with our schools becoming too large or overcrowded.

The time has come for a truly improved, and yes, different way of going to school and learning – whether learning academics, social values or spiritual values. Growth requires change and MPHS is that change.

Who is the typical student that benefits from the MPHS model?

Students thrive here who:

  • want to reduce anxiety, stress in the hype about going to school and college
  • want considerably more academic challenge, and/or
  • want extra help if they need to catch up, and/or
  • do not thrive in the larger schools, and/or
  • can have more opportunities to lead, to be more included, to learn how to include others, and/or
  • seek to build their character and self-esteem;
  • want a small school environment but that still has prom, etc.
  • flourish with more nurturing.

Who is the typical student that benefits from the MPHS model?

Because of the innovation, research and development of this model, MPHS provides a superb opportunity for students who want to uncover — in recent vernacular — their ‘superpower’. This is a place for students and families who have an inkling for something different. MPHS students go on to Harvard, St. Edwards, Texas Tech, Univ. of St. Thomas, A&M and UT, TCU, Alabama, Harding Univ. and many more. And equally as important, students also make excellent choices to go to community colleges and/or a trade school.

MPHS is equally helpful to those who have anxiety, or ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia or experiencing medical issues. MPHS is a haven that does not build stress and anxiety, and this attracts many students and families.

How has MPHS become so successful with the small school – what is the key difference?

It is very important to know that Memorial Private nurtures your child. That is one difference. In order to do that effectively, one of the key differentiators of the school is to keep it small – thus the micro-school/pod based design. In the recent past (and present), schools have become way too large and your child becomes a number.

It is a challenge to teach one-to-one and also be in a self-paced, structured classroom. Memorial Private not only created this challenge but keeps raising the bar. In doing this, we can really learn about your child, and help him or her where needed.

What are the benefits of the new methods and infrastructure, in addition to academics?

MPHS maintains an environment small enough to actually be able to reach every child. Thus, one benefit is not passing over anyone, which might seem subtle (and is subtle). This is because MPHS uses proven, neuro-educational research-based practices in developing this foundation. This better enables the teachers to team up to help every child.

In a small school, you can’t hide, so students have the benefit of learning to converse with others, who may not be in their typical ‘group’; they learn the value of caring for others, beyond being polite. They develop leadership abilities. They can identify what a leader really does at the heart of it. Day by day, they develop compassion, character and kindness.

If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never know it was dark. Dark would be without meaning.
~C.S. Lewis

Download the 2021 Summer School Registration Form

MPHS has an outstanding Summer School and Satellite Program open to all the surrounding 6th-12th grade schools in the community! We have enjoyed working with our neighboring schools for almost ten years in this capacity. Students come from all over to take courses (electives and often Spanish!) to get ahead and free up their schedules for their later high school years. Some students take remedial courses here as well.

Most courses are taken during regular Summer School. You also may actually enroll any time during the year for most elective high school courses, and take the course by appointment in the afternoon/evenings. MPHS believes that each student needs to work at a self-pace that is both reasonable and challenging for him or her. The nurturing MPHS staff has the structure and expertise to support that balance.

We accommodate your vacation schedule, and your school activities such as band, sports, camps, etc.! Accredited by SACS, all of our courses transfer directly to your home school.

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