Reviews for Memorial Private School are a great way to get to know more about what makes us different from other independent private schools in West Houston. Contact us to schedule a personalized tour and check out some of our reviews below from parents, students, and alumni.

Explore What Makes Memorial Private School Unique

“My daughter has found her home in Houston at Memorial Private School. After searching for the right private high school, we learned of Memorial Private School through a family psychologist and we are so grateful. My daughter is a sophomore in her second year at this school and she has flourished! It has been a wonderful academic and social environment for her.” – Parent (Niche)

Reviews about Faculty and Staff

“Memorial Private is an amazing school! The teachers and staff take the time to get to know each student individually and provide the tools to help them succeed. My daughter is not only thriving academically, but growing in character, thanks to the strong values the school instills. Community service, academic success, “low stress, high outcomes”…you’ll find all of these things at Memorial Private!” – T. Wolter (Private School Review)
“MPS is a wonderful school! The staff is great! My son has studied there for 3 years and he really enjoys everything MPS has to offer. This school is unlike any other in Houston.”- Posted by Parent – M. Hogan (Private School Review)

Reviews about Educational Approach

“Wonderful school for our teenage daughter! We’ve tried several small private high schools in Houston and this is by far the perfect fit! A high school experience with a tailored education to her needs, plus fun clubs and activities for a nice social experience. Teachers and staff love what they are doing and it shows. Feels like an extended family. Very pleased with our experience at Memorial Private School (MPS).” – Parent, Great Schools

“I want to thank the Memorial Private School staff and teachers for all their hard work. Our son, Mike, graduated from Memorial Private High School 1 year ago. His teachers there were great at working with students as individuals, both those more advanced learners and those with specific challenges. This past year Mike studied and earned a certificate as a pharmacy technician and Monday he starts his first job in his field. We are so excited to see him using his strong abilities and continuing to work through challenges to become a productive young adult.” – Parent, Great Schools

“This is a great school and I’m so glad I gave it a try! Because this is a college prep school the students are prepared with a structured lesson for the semester. The school has a few students with learning disabilities but that helps me be exposed to the real world and that we all have unique learning styles.This school has little to no bullying. Everyone knows everyone.” – Excerpts from Student, Great Schools

“Learning differences and styles were both accepted and respected. The entire staff made sure each child felt a part of the MPS family.- Parent (Great Schools)

Reviews about Co-Curriculars

“Memorial Private is like no other school. It has all the same activities, clubs, dances, etc. without the drama and stress that you will find at other schools. The academics are stellar. The teachers take the time to get to know each student and understand how they learn best.”- Parent, Great Schools

“This school is incredible. It feels like everyone is one big family. I feel so much more comfortable being involved. I try a lot more of the extracurriculars here and I am a lot more interested in my school work.” – Student, Great Schools

“My daughter is trying new activities like volleyball and student council, and she is stepping out of her comfort zone. Very pleased with our high school experience so far!” – Parent (Niche)

Reviews about Summer Classes

“Perfect fit for our child’s wish to take French during summer school and receive SBISD transfer credit. Personalized instruction from a very nice, experienced and qualified teacher who was actually French. Curriculum was very organized and easy to follow. These allowed our child to be immersed in the correct pronunciation and use of the language, and gave a real understanding of the French culture. Likely a much richer experience than what our student might have received at her large public school. Took the stress off the regular school year. Loved the short week Mon-Thurs ending at 2:30 pm. Finished the entire year in 5 weeks, with strong/high grades on the TEKS based curriculum. Indoor and outdoor areas for student breaks.” – Parent (Niche)

Choosing the Right Private School in Houston

“I knew I had chosen the correct school for my son when he spoke up during a sermon at our small church. Our pastor was asking for prayers for school staff and students who were just trying to hang in there until spring break came. My son spoke up to tell her not to include him among those wanting a break from school. He told everyone he loved going each day to his school and would miss going over the week off. A huge change from his reluctance to go to class each day at his previous school. During his time at MPS, the teachers truly knew and supported each student and taught each individual, wherever they were at academically. – Parent (Great Schools)

Harry and Pam are exceptional people and school leaders. They model positive character and leadership traits to the students every day and they both demonstrate and teach citizenship skills within the school community that are needed for life. Choosing this school for my son changed his entire learning experience for the better. I can’t imagine a student who would not benefit from being a part of Memorial Private School.” – Parent, Great Schools

Students typically choose MPS because they want a smaller school with more support and individualized attention. They also like the fact that we have lots of fun activities, sports, weekend trips, proms, and other extracurriculars, often associated with larger schools.

Our school is designed for grades 6-12. Most of our students are in high school, but we welcome middle school students. Some students begin in middle school and then stay all the way through high school.

Yes, MPS caters to both college prep students as well as students electing other directions following high school graduation (e.g. gap year, year abroad, technical schools, trade schools).

Yes, we offer a long list of classes, primarily for students wishing to accelerate credits, retake classes, or enhance college applications. We also offer fun electives and fitness options. Contact the Registrar to learn more.

Yes, absolutely! We welcome students with ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and other learning issues. We celebrate neurodiversity and focus on how each student learns best.

We also welcome GATE students who want a small school and the flexibility to explore their talents.

Contact us and we will be happy to guide you as you research schools. If we aren’t the right fit, we will provide information and resources.

The founders have lived in West Houston for decades and really know schools in Houston and all over Texas.

Yes! We are fully accredited through Cognia/SACS/AdvancED.

We offer campus tours at convenient times based on your schedule. Contact us to schedule now and begin the journey. We will cover your questions and also how to apply.

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