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Our Summer School Classes and Year-Round Courses are well-known and respected by students throughout the Spring Branch Independent School District (ISD) and throughout Houston. Are you wondering why? 

Classes – Options for Summer and Year-Round

  • We offer in-person core and elective credit classes on campus.
  • We offer flexible classes with support sessions included.
  • We offer year-round academic courses, not just in the summer. 

Low Stress. High Outcomes.

  • A top-notch faculty committed to every student’s academic success.
  • A low stress, high outcomes learning environment due to our highly individualized teaching method and specialized curriculum.
  • Students are always respected at Memorial Private School and the tone is very positive.

Summer School Classes and Year-Round Course Credits Transfer Easily! 

Flexibility is Key for Summer School Classes 

Is your student going to summer camp or are you planning a vacation with your family? No problem! Our students are not penalized for missing days of summer school. We adjust their schedules at school to fit yours at home.

We also offer a remote option with support sessions for students through our Satellite School. If a student prefers a self-paced approach or lives farther away, this can be ideal.  

Summer School Classes – Two Sessions

Memorial Private School offers two summer sessions that last for approximately three weeks each.

  • Session One: June 14, 2021….July 1, 2021 (3 weeks)
  • Session Two: July 5, 2021…….July 22, 2021 (3 weeks)

On-Campus Summer School Classes are scheduled from 8:30-2:30 from Monday through Thursday each week.

Our Summer School Classes are filling quickly, so don’t delay. Fill in the Application Form Today!

For our Satellite School, see the application form for appointment details for the eight/one hour appointments.

Reasons to Choose Memorial Private School for Credit Classes and Courses 

  • Are you limited by course offerings at your current school?
  • Are you looking to graduate early or need to enhance your college applications?
  • Are you seeking credit recovery to elevate your grade point average?
  • Are you seeking to receive an extra review of class material you took previously?
  • Are you feeling the need for individualized attention and support?
  • Are you considering Memorial Private School for the fall and want to gain a better understanding of what we have to offer?

If you responded yes to any of the above questions, Memorial Private School is the perfect fit for you. We are looking forward to creating a calm, low-stress learning environment for our summer school students, where they can learn and grow academically and socially.

How Much Does it Cost?

Per Semester – $590.00

Both Semesters – $1180.00

Note: Texas requires both semesters in order for a course to count.

It’s Simple and Easy to Register and Enroll!

Download the Application and Follow the Instructions.

Questions: Contact the Registrar! 

Download the 2021 Summer School Application Here
Download the 2021 Summer School Application Here

Frequently Asked Questions about Summer School

Three Simple Steps

One: Contact our Registrar by Email or Download the application form on this page. If you prefer, feel free to come by our school for a copy of the application form.

Two: Fill in the application and ask your school counselor and parents to advise on the coursework and sign. This will ensure your credits transfer easily.

Three: Return the form to our school, along with payment by check. See the form for course fees.

Please see the application form for the full list of classes offered. We offer all the core classes as well as many electives.

Classes transfer easily! Since we are accredited by SACS (The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), which is the same agency that accredits most schools in the region, all of our classes will help your student gain credits and will transfer to his or her home school.

Beyond summer classes, during the academic year, we offer a robust research-based education. If you would like to schedule a tour to discuss our program, feel free to contact us.