Teaching Jobs

Interested in working at an accredited independent private school in the West Houston with college-bound students?

The positions shown to the right reflect common openings. We encourage early submission of resumes. Resumes will be considered for open positions for the academic year, evening satellite/remote courses, and summer school classes. 

We offer a calm and friendly learning environment. During the academic year, we take a research-based approach. However, summer courses follow a more traditional approach. Our academic year students come from various school backgrounds, including other private schools, public schools, charter schools, parochial schools, and homeschools. 

In the summer, we cater to college prep students. Summer students typically do not come from our school, but from other private and public high schools. Students typically reside in West Houston or come from the local Memorial are in the prestigious Spring Branch ISD.

The right candidate for teaching positions at our school include: excellent communication skills, strong self-initiative, and a supportive approach. In addition, requirements include prior knowledge and experience with the standard state curriculum guidelines, as well as experience with reading materials and expectations.

At Memorial Private School, we look for innovation, enthusiasm and someone who will be an outstanding role model for our students. We offer excellent tutoring and teaching jobs. Above all, you will inspire students and will be joining a great team! 

Ranked in the Top 20 Best Private Schools in Houston

Memorial Private School, established in 2004, is a private independent life and college prep middle and high school in the West Houston, Memorial area. Memorial Private School is a warm and friendly place to work.

For more information about the summer classes offered, check out the summer school page (student application). We make it simple and easy for students to apply and typically have over 300 summer school students.

Ranked in the top 20% of private schools in Texas according to Private School Review, we are known for our exceptional summer school and research-based academic year program.

We are located in West Houston.

The positions below are common openings for summer and remote/satellite classes.

Resumes will also be considered for the academic school year as growth occurs. 

Most students are college-bound and are taking a full Spanish course for regular high school credit, which transfers to their private or home-zoned school.  As the instructor, you would teach the course on a one-to-one or small group basis and need experience teaching at the high school school level, including: Spanish III and Spanish IV. The candidate must have prior experience teaching high school Spanish.

Memorial Private School provides the curriculum and lesson plans. The schedule for the students is self-paced, and teaching is done by working with small groups, and individuals, more than traditional lecturing.

The expectation is to be innovative, and to maintain structure with enjoyable learning. The right candidate for this teaching job will have excellent communication skills and strong self-initiative.

Requirements include prior knowledge and experience with the standard state high school Spanish curriculum and typical reading materials and expectations. Above that, we look for innovation, enthusiasm and someone who will be an outstanding role model for our students.


General Information: Academic Year and Summer School 

Qualifications: Preference is given to teachers who hold an undergraduate degree in the subject area. Graduate degrees and teaching credentials are a plus. Prefer 3-5 years of teaching experience.

Deadline: Positions will be posted for the summer and fall as openings occur. 

Location: West Houston – See the directions under about us. Please consider your drive time.

Students: Students come from all over Houston and our local top Spring Branch ISD (independent school district).

Schedule: Summer Hours are from 11-4:00 (Monday-Thursday). The academic year is Monday-Friday and hours vary based on after school choices. 

Format: Traditional approach is used for summer courses. Research-based approach is used for the academic year. 

How to Apply: Please send an email cover letter and resume to pcamp@memorialprivateschool.com