Teaching Jobs

Teaching job in Houston? If you are interested in working at an accredited independent private school in the West Houston, we encourage you to apply. Please check the map to see if your commute makes sense.

The positions shown to the right reflect common openings. We encourage early submission of resumes. Resumes will be considered for open positions for the academic year and summer school classes.

We offer a calm and friendly learning environment. During the academic year, we take an interactive approach, whereas summer school is taught in a more traditional manner.

Academic year students come from various school backgrounds, including other private schools, public schools, charter schools, christian and catholic schools, and homeschools.

During summer school, we cater primarily to college prep students; however, we do offer classes for middle school. A variety of electives are also offered.

Summer students typically do not come from our school, but from other private and public high schools. Students typically reside in Houston or come from the local Memorial area. We are located in the prestigious Houston Spring Branch Independent School District (HISD).

Qualifications and Experience:

The right candidate for teaching positions at our school should demonstrate excellent communication skills, strong self-initiative, and a supportive approach. In addition, requirements include knowledge and experience with the standard state curriculum guidelines, as well as experience with reading materials and expectations.

At Memorial Private School, we look for innovation, enthusiasm and someone who will be an outstanding role model for our students. We offer excellent tutoring and teaching jobs. Above all, you will inspire students and will be joining a great team!

Ranked in the Top 20 Best Private Schools in Houston

Memorial Private School, established in 2004, is a private independent life and college prep middle and high school in the West Houston, Memorial area.

We are located in West Houston. Consistently ranked as a top private schools in Houston and the state of Texas by Private School Review, Niche, and Great Schools. We are known for our exceptional research-based academic year school, as well as our summer classes.

Job openings on a number of sites, including Indeed, Linked In, and Craig’s List. We encourage you to check our website periodically for updated openings.

Curriculum: For more information about the summer classes offered, check out the summer page (top right button). We make it simple and easy for students to apply and typically have over 300 summer school students.

Resumes will be considered for the academic school year as growth occurs. Positions below are also common openings for summer and remote/satellite classes. Current openings include: 


HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH Teacher – Innovative and Dynamic 

Location: Memorial Area

Compensation: open

Employment type: full-time

Job title: High School English teacher

Additional position is open for an innovative, high school English teacher, with experience teaching HIGH SCHOOL level or above at highly selective niche school (WEST Memorial Area – Kirkwood & I-10).

Memorial Private School, grades 6th – 12th, established in 2004 and accredited by Cognia/AdvancEd/SACS, is a private faith-based high school in west Houston. Memorial Private is a warm and friendly place to work, with a structured, rigorous college-prep environment, with the differentiation of reducing stress while soaring in academics and the social graces!

MPS limits the student body to about 55-65 students each year to retain our accepting and close family atmosphere. Focus is on top quality academics and moral education, alongside individualized attention for each student, every day, while also in a structured classroom setting.

We have a new position opening for another English teacher. The right candidate will have excellent communication skills and self-initiative. Requirements include prior knowledge and experience with the standard state high school level English curriculum, and typical TEA required reading materials and expectations. High School level teaching or above is a requirement. Please do not apply if you have not taught at the high school level.

You must be comfortable with all levels of English from 6th grade through 12th AP. Above that, we look for innovation, enthusiasm and someone who will be an outstanding role model for our students. We count on you to make English interesting, applicable and fun. The curriculum/lesson plans are already done for you – and you are encouraged to update an improve upon it daily!

Because we limit our school enrollment to meet a small teacher-student ratio, you will have on-going one-to-one and small group interaction with each student, and often with their parents. A typical day is diverse and the position requires the candidate to be comfortable handling a variety of responsibilities and multi-tasking. This small school environment and our teaching methods are truly unique, highly innovative, challenging and very rewarding.

The MPS stand-alone school building is located in a beautiful area right next to a park in WEST Memorial, and surrounded by other schools. When not directly teaching, we routinely visit with the students, play chess, catch, four-square, cards or board games and ping-pong with the kids and constantly look for avenues that bring out their strengths and help them mature. The school has numerous activities and events such as Retreat, Prom, other dances, weekend activities, StuCo, NHS, many clubs including Chess, etc.

Our students are typically between average-to-above average in intelligence, and college-bound (Baylor, TTU, UH, TCU, and even Harvard, etc). Within that, we also have some students with learning differences (ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, or medical) who thrive and grow beyond their expectations here at MPS.

We are not equipped to accept students with behavior or substance abuse problems. As a teacher here, you will need to challenge our students in preparation for college, mentor them with moral guidance and coach them as they grow socially. Teaching at MPS is particularly rewarding inasmuch as you work so closely with each student, at their own pace (though often generally together), yet in a structured classroom setting.

The right candidate will be dependable and able to commit for the full 2022-2023 year and hopefully beyond for many years. The goal is to make the class innovative, and to maintain structure with fun learning. This job, in particular, requires at least a Bachelor’s degree IN English, preferably with experience teaching at the high school or above level.

Specific goals and objectives will be agreed upon with the potential matching candidate.

Remember to consider your drive time if you do not live on the WEST end of town (see map on website).

Please email your resume if your leadership, and communication skills are very strong. We would love to hear from you!

Email us if you have a strong English teaching background and meet the additional requirements!

General Information: Academic Year and Summer School

Qualifications: Preference is given to teachers who hold an undergraduate degree in the subject area. Graduate degrees and teaching credentials are a plus. Prefer 3-5 years of teaching experience.

Location: West Houston – See the directions under about us. Please consider your drive time.

Students: Students come from all over Houston and our local top Spring Branch ISD (independent school district).

Format: Research projects, interactive, and individualized approaches are used during the academic year. Traditional approaches are generally used for summer courses.

How to Apply: Please send an email to Mrs. Camp with your cover letter and resume.