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By following a college prep curriculum, our students are prepared for college and other life choices. Whether they choose to go to a public or private university, attend a small liberal arts college, or go to a trade or vocational school, our research-based model works for students pursuing different goals and life paths. We believe every student has areas where they can truly shine and we ignite those interests and a real passion for learning.

Unlike many private schools, because of our focus on both a life and college prep education, students benefit from the small classes and the individualized approach, as well as the development of real-world skills (independence, confidence, leadership, time management, goal-setting, etiquette, strong values, and much more).

Whether a student is relocating to the area or seeking a new school, students may transfer easily into our school through our rolling admissions program. We also offer summer courses.

Ranked in the Top 20 Best Houston Private Schools, find out why we are so unique! 

Simple and easy, our planning guidelines for grades 6-12, allow students to make progress towards their individual goals for graduation and beyond. Questions about courses or college planning services? Feel free to contact us to address questions or to schedule a tour. 

“My daughter grows more and more at Memorial Private School every day. She was so proud to receive the National Honor Society recognition and certificate. I know these moments of achievement will motivate her even more to try new things and seek additional achievements.” – Ann, Parent

College Prep Curriculum – Course Credits

The core curriculum and all electives follow TEA standards so all courses are easily transferable. Accredited by Cognia/SACS/AdvanceED

College Prep Curriculum – Matriculation to Colleges and Universities

Graduates of Memorial Private School have matriculated to top universities, including Ivy League universities, public and private universities, liberal arts colleges, and military service academies. They leave feeling prepared for life and college because they have adopted a growth mindset. They are committed to learning new things, gain confidence in their intellectual abilities, and grow both socially and spiritually.

College Prep Curriculum – Trade and Vocational Choices

We appreciate and understand that not every student elects to pursue admission to a traditional college or university. In fact, recent statistics show a growing trend amongst the young to acquire very specific skills through vocational schools and apprenticeships, trade programs, online courses, and through community colleges.

We support every student and their future vision and offer resources to assist you in exploring options and programs. This is why we are both a life and college prep private school! Students develop their ability to learn new things and make decisions; this serves them well, no matter the career path they pursue.

College Prep Curriculum – Gap Year and Internships

Some students need to take time off after graduating from high school before entering college or a university setting. We assist students in finding internships, as well as how to make plans for a gap year. Some students even want to travel abroad, do community service projects, or explore interests independently before they make a decision about higher education.

“I appreciate all of the support and love I get from staff and teachers. It makes me feel at home.” — Vivian, Student

Ready for Low Stress, High Outcomes?

Move your life forward in a calm research-based school environment, where you can learn real-world skills and experience both a life and college prep education.

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