Go Beyond Your Boundaries

Find Out What’s Right for You in Sports and Fitness 

Students can choose from various team sports, yoga, dance, fitness, and more. While some students prefer to operate solo in choosing sports or fitness programs, others enjoy the teamwork and shared motivation of participating in team sports. We are firm believers in reducing stress and sports are a great way to alleviate anxiety, depression, and develop both physical and mental fitness. 

To go beyond your boundaries, we want you to set sport and fitness goals and achieve them, whether it is elevating skills, achieving a new sense of calm, or boosting your confidence. Unlike some private schools where tryouts are required, being a microschool allows us to offer different options tailored to individual interests. Our aim is to keep you motivated and moving!

We also invite students, in both middle and high school, to join us if they have a special athletic talent and need a flexible schedule. The teaching method and educational infrastructure in our middle and high school enable those who have special interests and talents to accelerate their athletic dreams.

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At Memorial Private School, we encourage all students to participate. Team sports offer a great aerobic workout, boost confidence, and help students lower stress and anxiety. They also help students learn how to work in teams and acquire leadership skills.

We offer Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Weightlifting, and Table Tennis. 

Students receive athletic coaching and training from professionals. For something new and different, we are now offering Table Tennis teams, and a chance to practice and compete in a professional state-of-the-art facility! 

At first, I did not think I would like table tennis. However, when I arrived, I actually enjoyed it a lot more than expected. The trainers are helpful and give everyone a change to train. The fast pace is what makes the game fun and competitive. Everyone that goes is new, making all the matches fair and fun. It’s better than other sports because you can go on without getting tired. Overall, table tennis has been a good experience. — Mike, Student

Dance and Fitness

With our focus on calm and innovation, we also offer three programs for our students to develop balance, agility, and flexibility. Take a breather with yoga, get a workout through Parisi, or experience dance as a great way to express yourself and get ready for dances and proms.

We offer Yoga, Parisi Fitness, and Contemporary Dance & Aerobics. 

“I always love Coach Chris’s fitness class. He is the most kind, friendly, and a cool dude. He is like a father figure to me. I like when he pushes me to my limits, and makes me want to become healthier.” — Riley, student

“Dance is so much fun because you can learn new dances. Dance makes me feel happy. It has also helped me improve by pulling me out of my shell. Ms. Sanchez is a good teacher because she knows a lot of dance techniques.”— Jolynn, Student

We Get Moving! 

We also make a point to incorporate physical activity, sports, and fitness into various aspects of academic and student life. For example, at our annual retreat to Camp Tejas in Giddings, Texas, our students enjoy: zip lining, swimming, horseshoes, shuffleboards, and the ropes course.

Also, on campus, we enjoy games and activities at lunch every day in the fenced back area.

Activities include: ladderball, cornhole (bean bag toss), kickball, football and baseball catch, volleyball, walking the track with faculty and friends, as well as flower and vegetable gardening. 

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